Bread & Butter Berlin 2013 Summer – BARBOUR by Shed

July 29th, 2013 by retail design blog

Shed continue their work with Barbour at internationally renowned fashion trade fair; Bread and Butter. Held at the historic Airport Berlin, Tempelhof Shed designed two stands totalling 160sqm to showcase Barbour’s latest Mens and Womens International ranges.

For the first time at B&B both stands are dedicated to Barbour’s International range celebrating the brands expertise and fine craftsmanship in manufacturing motorcycle jackets since 1936.
Sheds design draws reference to this rich history of the Barbour International jacket providing a backdrop descriptive of a vintage motorcycle garage.

A strong timber framework provides the skeleton of the design to both stands dividing the walls and giving placement and order to a variety of raw materials. A family of factory style trolleys and clever manipulation of surfaces such as oversized pegboards and mesh walls provide a quirky platform for display of merchandise and accessories.

Whilst the underlying motorbike concept is synonymous across both stands, careful consideration of materials and their application draws a distinction between the men’s and women’s wear ranges. The men’s stand is left rugged made up of rusted, weathered materials with flashes of retro yellow highlighting feature furniture. The women’s wear stand shows a more subtle reference; materials include warm timber panels, white planking and metal mesh all ordered neatly within the structured framework of the stand.

“Together these two stands are the first glimpse of what we’re developing for Barbour and their International retail environments hopefully to come. Both stands needed to celebrate the ‘International’ sub brand and promote an identifiable look and feel coherent within the Barbour brand family” (Shed.)

“This year we’ve a completely new product launch, new location challenges and Barbour stories to tell. Shed always look to push the design that little bit further each time. The result is always a successful and inviting stand design with real strong brand presence” – Julian Ash (J Barbour & Sons). Shed look forward to continuing their work with Barbour and developing it’s brand environments in both exhibition and across it’s forthcoming International retail environments.

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