Studio Dulu’s office, Kibbutz Sarid – Israel

July 29th, 2013 by retail design blog

This office is the house of a unique boutique interior design firm located in the north of Israel. It is located in kibbutz Sarid, an hour drive from the city of Tel-Aviv. The country side, which where the studio is located (the heart of the valley of Jezreel), is an inseparable part of its whole design. The view is outstanding. The surrounding fields and the Carmel mountains on the far horizon, make the whole interior design concept based on the importance of giving the exterior enough attention so it will be a part and a continuation of the interior space.

The office is built as one big open space, while the carpentry millwork functions as the colored esthetic ambient, with one exception: The meeting room (that functions also as the studio manager’s room), is separated only by partition made of glass. Unique black stairways connect the studio to the residential home located in the first floor of the building. While a beautiful two-sided library (home for all the design professional literature of the studio), functions also as the banister.

The color scheme of the millwork is truly exceptional. The complete scheme is presented in the center piece of the studio furniture (the kitchen wall), which can be seen from everywhere in the open space. The kitchen doors, built as 10 symmetric rectangles with no less than 8 colors, hide all the electrical appliances.

The view of fields seen out of the huge window and the big balcony, make the interior space feels much bigger than what it is. A concrete floor in the interior, and the white wood floor in the balconies, both are part of the designer’s decision to use natural materials, as part of the nature surrounding.

Design: Studio Dulu
Project Team: Adi Klein, Adi Freshtman
Photography: Sharon Kanne

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