Juice of Classic Japanese Fruits packaging by Idea Brand

August 8th, 2013 by retail design blog

The package was designed in a minimalistic style based on the flag of Japan to convey the essence of traditional oriental culture. The names of fruits in Japanese written in calligraphy style and hieroglyphs duplicating them serve as product markers. Simple image of a fruit on a white background does not dissipate attention. Colors of fruits and lids visually differentiate flavors from each other and allow to find required product on a shelf with ease.

Designed by Idea Brand


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One thought on “Juice of Classic Japanese Fruits packaging by Idea Brand

  1. Luka says:

    Some of the Japanese names are incorrect. For example, both the can and carton of Mume read ‘Mikan’ in Hiragana, and the large red illustration of Mikan at the bottom of the page actually says ‘Kinkan’ in Katakana.

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