Desperados containers by Horeca Strategies

August 14th, 2013 by retail design blog

Horeca Strategies Agency has created for Desperados pop-up bars and DJ Stands, which will be used during festivals, concerts ad in promotional areas. To build them, freight containers were used and adapted as to resemble industrial storage space. They can be arranged in multiple combinations, also one over the other. Bar container, of which side wall opens completely is also equipped to serve beer.

Using rough, made of metal decorations points out urban, industrial style of Desperados brand. For the details of décor, elements that imitate rusted metal, worn out paint and concrete were mainly used. Everything kept in red brick colour scheme with yellow and metallic elements.

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  1. Esto es ¡sorprendente! No he leído algo como esto desde hace mucho . Es agradable encontrar a alguien con algunas ideas originales sobre este tema. Este sitio web es algo que se necesita en Internet , alguien con un poco de sinceridad. Un trabajo útil para traer algo nuevo a Internet. Gracias de todos lo que te leemos.

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