721 Tonkatsu Japanese restaurant by Golucci International Design, Shanghai

August 15th, 2013 by retail design blog

721 Tonkatsu is a Japanese restaurant which opened last year in Shanghai. A little while ago it decided to relocate across Huangpu Riover to set up shop at Plaza 96, a mall complex in the thriving Pudong area. The restaurant decided to adapt to this buzzing part of town and its affluent denizens with a cool new design setting.

Created by Golucci International Design, an architecture practice based in Beijing, the restaurant occupies an area of 200 sqm. [2,153 sq.ft.] and features a contemporary design that’s based on a specific, if not very Chinese, concept of tranquility and harmony. The Glucci design team formulated a number of values inherent of the dining experience at 721 Tonkatsu, and used those as a foundation for the aesthetics.

The design aims to evoke the feel of a tranquil getaway from the hustle and bustle outside, a place where customers are looked after with great care and, of course, with great food. The setting features traditional materials such as bricks and wood in a minimalist setting, creating an atmosphere that is distinctly modern but with a rustic edge. 721 Tonkatsu is divided into two zones, a more intimate one with large tables in front, and a dining hall with smaller tables and cubicles in the back.

Striking cloud-like chandeliers made from white cloth light up the restaurant and seemingly drift across the space. As said, 721 Tonkatsu serves affordable Japanese fare, and as its name already implies, the dishes very much inspired by Tonkatsu cuisine. But the menu also lists traditional sushi and sashimi if pork isn’t your thing.


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