FOOD COURTS! Forum Shopping Centre food court by ZALEWSKI ARCHITECTURE GROUP, Gliwice – Poland

August 22nd, 2013 by retail design blog

The restaurant area (food court) in the most popular and the largest FORUM shopping centre in Gliwice (Poland) covers an area of approximately 1000 m2 . It is located in the main atrium of the facility on the first floor and on two mezzanines above the first floor (not used yet).

The atrium of the building is the central place of the shopping centre – it is the main core of communication linking all levels and an important public area of the building. The atrium is closed from the city with a large glass wall covering the whole atrium width which provides a good view of the city and a large amount of natural light inside.

In addition, large skylights in oval shape on the roof give extra light to the atrium. All that create a specific warm and sunny climate and the food court in such a warm and sunny atmosphere is an ideal place for rest and relax. This feature is rarely seen in such objects of public use.

Visual links between the surrounding and the natural light were our inspiration for the project. We wanted not only to maintain but to intensify the natural beauty of the interior. The main idea of the design was to introduce elements of nature, natural environment – a sort of “artificial landscape” – and a garden into the interior of the building. In the interior design we used components relating to various nature elements such as lights in the shape of clouds, stylized trees, garden lamps and “stone” sofas “.

In order to make the space light and fresh we applied many transparent, white and natural wood elements which combined with other elements create a unique spring climate in the food court. Furniture and different types of Vitra company chairs manufactured in individual colors perfectly complement the design.

The idea of the design includes also the functional arrangement of the food court area. Its key part is a large open consumption space surrounding the entire atrium. It is divided into different functional zones: a rest zone (locals next to the glass façade overlooking the city), a restaurant zone, a business zone and a fast-food zone. The food court will comprise of 10 different catering units located around the atrium at the level of consumption hall and at the level of mezzanines.

The mezzanines are closed areas separated from the two-storey food court and look like “capsules” suspended above the consumption hall . They provide an intimate place for independent restaurants with their own consumption halls. The facades of “capsules” are made of colored glass so as to ensure access of light to their interior and also so as to provide a good observation point for both the atrium and the city. Glass walls also provide insight into their interior – including kitchens of the restaurants.

Design team: Krzysztof Zalewski, Adam Gil, Paweł Zalewski

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