Kith café by HJGHER, Sentosa – Singapore

August 30th, 2013 by retail design blog

Kith’s third outlet opened its doors in the Sentosa Cove neighbourhood, welcoming residents, tourists, or anyone looking for a quick getaway in Singapore’s upscale residential district. Upon arrival, customers are immediately greeted by an open setting and welcoming atmosphere. Baristas make coffee within an island bar with an display of fresh produce and inventory sitting on large wrought iron shelves of alternating heights to ensure visibility.

The space presents various seating options where customers can consider their ideal experience for the day: alfresco seating for a full view of the marina; communal tables for building relationships over good food, as is Kith’s philosophy; bar-height seating overlooking the entire café; and finally, private seating at the back. Various seating heights were also created to ensure that each area within the café has a unique view to accompany food and conversation.

Light coloured wood, brass and marble scraps were acquired and pieced together to form the outlet’s tables and counters, in keeping with the spirit of a community coming together. No unnecessary ornaments or mass-manufactured furniture adorn the outlet. Instead, a series of chairs and lighting from Tom Dixon, Andreu World and Dedon lends a lively dash of colour to the space. An open freezer for takeaways, magazine rack for browsing, and a 9m long chalkboard wall for a handwritten menu and daily specials to be scribbled on, were added to the mix.

The flooring used light wood and subtle inlays, reminiscent of Kith’s checkered logo, which symbolises a community gathering for a common purpose, to come together and enjoy good food and great conversations.

Designed by HJGHER

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