Emirates Aviation Experience digital installation by Engage Production for Pulse Group, London

September 8th, 2013 by retail design blog

Engage Production Ltd, specialists in interactive technologies for branded environments, has created cutting-edge digital installations for the Emirates Aviation Experience in London. Pulse Group, which managed the creative design and project management, commissioned Engage to build an aircraft turnaround game and implement the coding of the finished simulation. The game is played on three 42” multi-touch displays (MultiTaction MT420 from MultiTouch Ltd), taking the user through all of the stages of an Airbus A380 turnaround.

In addition, Engage was responsible for writing the software and providing the camera and boom for the Airbus A380 nosecone attraction, where visitors can take a photograph of themselves sitting in the cockpit. Each user wears an RFID tag and taps this on the reader to trigger the live preview on the touch-screen. The user then takes the photograph which is automatically sent to a Facebook or email account depending on the user’s preference.

Utilizing its expertise in holographic displays, Engage also provided a holographic system for a wonderfully effective display depicting an Airbus A380 in full flight. Engage advised on the technical considerations of the content which was provided by a BrightSign HD220 player driving a Samsung screen.

Engage was also responsible for creating the software for the virtual wind tunnel application, which demonstrates how such influences as airflow, drag, thrust, lift, and air pressure affect flight.

“We’re incredibly proud that Pulse Group asked us to work on this project,” comments Steve Blyth, managing director of Engage. “And I’m prouder still that the team at Engage pulled out all the stops to deliver to the highest quality and well within the specified timeframe. Like everyone else involved, we’ve done everything in our power to make the Emirates Aviation Experience a resounding success.”

Covering an area of around 300 square metres, the Emirates Aviation Experience is the first of its kind in the world. Located at the south side of Emirates Air Line in Greenwich, London, the facility aims to provide an insight into the operation and modern achievements of commercial air travel.

About Engage Production Ltd
Engage are Technology and Communication Architects – a boutique design house of innovation architects, technology alchemists and envisioning conductors who orchestrate ‘Communication Experiences’ using interactive technologies.

About Pulse Group Ltd
An independent creative agency for over 30 years, Pulse is made up of a team of hugely talented and enthusiastic individuals who are passionate about doing great work. Delivering projects that are entertaining, surprising, inspiring, and engaging, Pulse believes in offering real value to its clients.

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