Google is your friend interactive exhibition by Anke Willsch & Deborah Taranto, Essen – Germany

September 16th, 2013 by retail design blog

The internet is today‘s infrastructure. It has been influencing and changing our way of life, our ways of thinking and our communication. Using the example of Google, structural changes in the internet can be pointed out. Since, particularly in Germany, Google has been receiving negative publicity, which animated us to present a critical yet constructive vision of the topic.

Our goal was to turn a digital and abstract concept like Google into a real and experienceable space. We do not see the internet as a risk, but rather as an opportunity. This is one of the reasons why our exhibit was largely aimed at those visitors who either rarely or at least uncritically use the internet.

Information was staged in the exhibition space, encouraging users to only use their personal data responsibly when online. Polarizing Google related topic such as »StreetView«, »Android«, »Google+« or the »Cloud« were met both critically and constructively, conveying media competence in an entertaining manner.

Through the course of the exhibit, the walls showed informational graphics, computer interfaces, light installations, projections, physical computing elements and architectural interior design, all aligned into a dramaturgically heightening concept. The degree project’s corporate design included all aspects ranging from graphic presentation to the furniture used in the exhibit, which had been set up by the degree candidates themselves on 100m² of shop floor in the Essen city center.

Designed by Anke Willsch & Deborah Taranto
Photos by Martina Kupferschmidt, Deborah Taranto and Anke Willsch

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