STOKEDinc. concept store by arch.joezan of stoked inc. spd, Manila – Philippines

October 1st, 2013 by retail design blog

Stokedinc. Concept store, is a local retail store here in the Philippines and the first Extreme Concept store to cater different sporting brands and the likes. Now Stokedinc. is focusing on its own brand, showcasing apparels from basic tees to tank tops, rush guards and boardshorts with premiums of international standards and technology.

Concentrating on this newest concept store located at 2nd level Glorietta 4 in Ayala Center in Makati City. With an approx. 25sqm area for selling, it maximizes for displaying, apparels, bikinis, bags, footwear, as well as hardware and accessories for both skateboarding and long boarding.

On architectural matters, focusing the orange paint as the brand color, signifying extreme, and having those matte painted look walls and mural frames with wood and brick accent walls to have the perception of having an extreme concept store with a touch of nature. A very simple interior incorporating wakeboards as a lighting fixture design just to add accent on the open ceiling and the feeling of being stoked in extreme sports to those who come in and come by customers.

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10 thoughts on “STOKEDinc. concept store by arch.joezan of stoked inc. spd, Manila – Philippines

  1. Anna says:

    Nice store!! i love it

  2. joezan says:

    Thank you! bless up!

  3. Gen says:

    Nice concept Architect 🙂

  4. joezan says:

    Thank you my fellow! . . 🙂

  5. congrats Joezan! proud of you! 🙂

  6. joezan says:

    thank you pinay solo backpacker! 🙂

  7. paul says:

    weak design. could’ve been better. Don’t even know how this got on this site. Nice try though.

  8. charlie says:

    sorry mr.joezan i have to agree with paul. the product merchandising were messy. window mannequin display is weak, it has no color coordination and story. products were not hanged in a more presentable way. hopefully next time, make sure you’re products were displayed at least neatly before taking some shots and posting it here.

  9. jacob says:


  10. joezan says:

    Thank you for the comments sirs, we will strongly consider that on out next projects, as well as discussed it to our visual merchandising team. . . All CC are highly appreciated. . 🙂

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