Vero Moda Flagship Store at Alexa Mall by Riis Retail, Berlin

October 7th, 2013 by retail design blog

The 500 square meter Vero Moda Flagship store by Riis Retail is executed in a clean-cut composition of a white and a black area, divided by a large central cube of greenish glass enclosing an escalator. The clear black and white expression is enriched by details in classic materials such as marble, oak and brass. Supplemented with LED light and live-media the design adds a vibrant atmosphere throughout the store.

The primary entrance on the first floor is covered in white Carrara marble contrasted by the iconic Vero Moda diode logo. The white front area of the store creates and inspirational impact zone with large podium combinations and wardrobe furniture of various heights.

The ground floor entrance calls for attention with large monitors and display cases on the walls. The tall walls of the escalator space covered by oak lists ads a warm contrast to the greenish glass cube as the customer enters the store.

The counter area is defined by a lowered ceiling and a skirt covered by horizontal oak list enhanced by a continuous line of recessed LED light in the ceiling. The counter back wall stands out as a vertical pattern of overlapping oak lists creating space for the large diode logo. The counter area is organized within large wardrobes and floor furniture for accessories.

A special area for Vero Modas new jeans brand “Noisy May” is created within a huge white shelving unit and massive oak tables. Display cases and fittings in bras create an exclusive and feminine touch to the raw jeans.

In the back of the store the black area is enclosed by tall lamellas of black stained ash. The oak plank floor and oak list ceiling adds warmth and light to the dark space. Oak list mounted on the walls in various heights with integrated LED strip-lights becomes a fun design feature to the classic expression of the space. Finally within the black area the fitting rooms are situated as a large space with walls of oak lists and lounge furniture for the customers to relax and socialize.

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  1. Wow! Its awesome inside. Just love the way the lights are placed. Thanks sharing

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