New tile collection by Lindsey Lang Design

October 10th, 2013 by retail design blog

London-based company Lindsey Lang Design have expanded on their inspirational collection of geometric kitchenware and cushions with the launch of an extensive range of wall and flooring tiles. Lang’s confident translation of her designs onto tiles creates jaw-dropping Gio Ponti-esque graphic repeat patterns that truly transform an environment.

Merging traditional craft with contemporary design techniques, the art is in the pattern and process. The designs are available in a classic and clean ‘Encaustic’ finish or a smooth, marble speckled ‘Granito’ finish.

The well-considered colour palette features a spectrum of sophisticated grey’s, pale yellow, mint, midnight and electric blue. The designs ‘Tweed’, ‘Ellipse’, ‘Leaf’, ‘Hex’ and ‘Scallop’ would be perfect for bathrooms, kitchens and hallways, yet they would lend themselves equally well to a hotel or business foyer. Furthermore the Granito and Encaustic tiles are suitable for exterior use.

Technical Information
The handmade Encaustic tiles are made using an ancient process that was revived in Victorian times. The demand for this process declined after the introduction of ceramic tiles in the 1960’s, but Lindsey Lang Design aims to keep this traditional craft alive. They retain their colour and pattern over time with a beautifully natural patina but can also be polished back to their original state.

The high quality Granito tiles are made using the same Encaustic process above, but these tiles are reinforced with fine chips of coloured marble. The thick top layer of pattern is made from a blend of pigmented granite and marble aggregates. They are extremely resistant to high footfall abrasion and impact. Perfect for high traffic retail and hospitality locations, Granito tiles have a thick top layer of pattern that can be polished back to their original state and completely restored.

Available tile sizes: 40 x 40cm (22mm thick), 30 x 30cm (22mm thick), 20 x 20cm (16mm thick), 14.3 x 14.3cm (16mm thick), 20 x 23cm (Hexagon 16mm). Thinner thicknesses for wall applications are available. Lindsey Lang Design offers interior designers and architects a fast and reliable bespoke service. Colours can be mixed and patterns, sizes and finishes can be specified to fit the requirements of individual projects.

About Lindsey Lang Design
Launched in 2012, the Lindsey Lang Signature Collection features bold and colourful kitchenware, interior accessories. Designer Lindsey Lang trained as a fine artist and draws much of her inspiration from colour theories, the constructivism movement and her time spent working in graphic design and illustration. Lindsey combines bright colour ways, textures and retro geometric patterns to create beautifully balanced and timeless designs. She embraces the principles of form and function to bring you a stylish collection of unique and playful designs that will add a touch of happiness to any space.

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