Stone-Edge table collection by Nendo for Caesarstone

October 12th, 2013 by retail design blog

At the 2013 Interior Design Show in Toronto earlier this year, Caesarstone unveiled the result of its first collaboration with creative director of Nendo Oki Sato, an installation entitled ‘Stone Garden’.

Now, as a follow-up, Caesarstone has invited the Japanese designer to work and engage with their quartz surface materials again. The ‘Stone-Edge table’ collection consists of seven wooden tables whose rounded corners and leg details are embellished with the natural medium, which acts as both a decorative and protective element to the furniture pieces’ most exposed parts, and are making their debut on the occasion of Milan Design Week 2013.

‘In designing the ‘Stone-Edge table’ collection, I was able to take advantage of the strength of the material. Rather than ostentatiously applying the material to the entire design, we created wooden tables and used caesarstone to protect the table top corners and feet. The subtle stone elements are incorporated to make the tables stronger while drawing focus to the seamless coexistence with the wood. The seven tables vary slightly in size and proportions, each with a different type of Ceasarstone.’ -Oki Sato, founder and chief designer of Nendo.

The ‘Stone-Edge table’ collection is being presented at Palazzo Crivelli (Via Pontaccio, 12) in the Brera Design district of Milan, as part of Fuori Salone program. It will be accompanied by a second iteration of ‘Stone Garden’, composed of 200 table-like elements made out of seven different stone-shaped quartz surfaces and nine different stone colours– each one supported by a simple metal rod and secured by an overlaping design, the elements collectively forming a floating landscape which reflects Nendo’s minimalistic approach as well as exhibiting the functional and creative qualities of Caesarstone.

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