O’NEILL – SIA- Tradeshow Booth by IDX Design + COM, Denver – Colorado

October 21st, 2013 by retail design blog

IDX design + COM chose to translate Jack O’Neill’s surf cottage into a ski-lift chalet. The tradeshow booth contains all the elements of the ski-lift experience translated into retail clothing display. The ski-lift seats have been converted into mobile clothing presentation fixtures suspended on a track. This enables for easy movement of the displays within the kiosk in order to present the same collection to several groups of buyers in different parts of the space.

The design of the cabin itself is minimalist, functional and structural. The walls are clad with huge printed mountain images that serve to refresh the visual aspect of the kiosk according to the trends and to manage the openings of the kiosk depending on the changing hallways of the trade shows. The furniture is made the same way that the mountaineers would do it: rudimentary, functional and made with surrounding materials. The presentation tables are reworked picnic tables, whose proportions were modified for ergonomic and presentation purposes.

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