BAKERIES! Two Magpies Bakery by Paul Crofts Studio, Suffolk – UK

October 30th, 2013 by retail design blog

London firm Paul Crofts Studio has completed a bakery on a high street in Suffolk, UK, with a motif based on a magpie’s nest set into the douglas fir serving counter. The Two Magpies Bakery in Southwold produces fresh bread and patisserie at the back of the shop every day and the kitchen can be seen through a window onto the seating area.

“The space is made up of a series of bespoke elements made from douglas fir finished in white lye, creating clean lines with a contemporary feel and a pared-back canvas on which to display the highly crafted products on sale,” said Paul Crofts Studio.

The birds-nest motif was created by illustrator Katharine Gorham and picked out in white resin. It’s repeated on the opposite side of the shop with criss-crossing white dowels supporting long shelves above the seating area, where a silver ring entangled in the sticks references the collecting habits of magpies. White timber dowels also protrude from the wall behind the counter to accommodate a series of bespoke wooden serving boards, as well as alongside the window where they provide perches for displaying loaves to passersby.

“Warm wood, clean white detailing and a high level of craftsmanship combine to create an intimate and relaxed setting in which to enjoy the exceptional food on offer,” the studio added. The rear wall of the shop is clad in overlapping wooden shingles in shades of grey and tables in the seating area have their legs dipped in black. Cardboard luggage labels tied with string present information and pricing on the produce and the seasonal menu can be written on a brown paper roll hanging next to a blackboard behind the serving counter.

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