Marvin Windows and Doors Canada booth by Arc & Co. Design Collective, Toronto

November 6th, 2013 by retail design blog

Marvin Windows and Doors Canada has won the IIDEX 2013 Gold Innovation Award for its impressive trade show booth design announced on Thursday, September 26th, 2013. The design was conceptualized and designed by the Toronto-based Arc & Co. Design Collective, a multidisciplinary design studio specializing in product, packaging and exhibition/environmental design.

Organized by the Interior Designers of Canada, the IIDEX Canada Innovation Awards were established in 1984 to honour excellence in the latest and most innovative product design and booth creativity. The Innovation Awards are exclusively for IIDEX Canada exhibitors and are judged by representatives from the design, media and business communities.

The striking 400 square-foot space was designed with two angular walls and a bright yellow slatted cantilever roof creating a form reminiscent of periodic Japanese architecture. The wall sections housed a custom-designed venting picture window and sliding french doors, cladded with Marvin Windows and Doors’ iconic bright yellow brand colour. Along with wallpapers inscribing Marvin Windows and Doors Canada’s key commercial project and architectural CAD drawings of its products, the space truly stood out in the IIDEX 2013 show floor.

“We wanted to translate the concept of light as it goes through glass — that sense of grace and airiness. Even with the wall sections, we have achieved our goal. It truly feels very light, specially with the shadows it created!” says Arc & Co. Design Collective’s Principal Designer/Partner Robert Joel Cortez. Marvin Windows and Doors Canada will be showing the space again in the upcoming Interior Design Show 2014 in Toronto, Canada.

About Arc & Co. Design Collective
Characterized by their ability to fuse graphic design with various three-dimensional and experiential applications, Arc & Co. Design Collective is a Toronto-based multidisciplinary design studio that continues to push the limitations of visual communications. A brainchild of designers Annie Chou and Robert Joel Cortez, the duo has continued to provide innovative design solutions through design thinking and valuable collaboration. With their clients ranging from the houseware consumer goods industry to event-planning organizations, Arc & Co. Design Collective has proven that design is not limited to the solution alone, but as well as the experience it has left behind.

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