Alesbary showroom by Renata Kucerova, Brno – Czech Republic

November 8th, 2013 by retail design blog

Every local person from Brno knows at least one person wearing a hat designed from alesbay. For this country generally unusuall phenomenon succesfully shares brand awareness as probably the only PR tool in use for the brand. Alesbary is also a couple that works over 10 years together but their website was released a month ago. It was actually never really needed. Customers did that for a value-added feelings being personalized by design created in that studio.

Bara and Ales met at the Design Department of The Technical University in Liberec. Success awarded by Top Styl Designer on STYL and KABO international fairs in 2004 continued to the final of Shooting Fashion Stars in Prague. Since then, their outfits and accessories became familiar to stylist from ELLE, Dolce Vita and number of other local and foreign magazines and fashion shows viewers. In 2012 designers opened first showroom and representative place for customers and finally the first design showroom at the Pellicova street just couple of months ago.

Small store was designed by Ing. arch. Renata Kucerova a relative of designers. It includes minimalistic exposition of clothes added with leather accessories like shoes or belts are and an amazing installation made of shelfs in a space filled with hat wooden forms. The interior is minimalistic, consisting the required elements that every shop needs and the architect haven’t forgotten about the proper lighting neither. Which explains why some of lights are literally used like chutney rods.

Alesbary designs models for women but men too. It’s mostly elegant and sofisticating in muted colours. The last collection was made in “4-season” conception. The couple also worked on amount of special events an orders during the career. Their hats are normally ordered bespoke the client but the production has been extending with new pieces like for example special t-shirt designs decorated with Tibetian goat hair made for new concept called Kurator in Prague. This label transfers art feeling into the visual language too, so the campaign has been usually followed with unique videoshoot and performances so as the opening in February was – just a performance.

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