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November 11th, 2013 by retail design blog

Bar where only two prices for all food and drinks – 1 and 2 euro. First of all, our customer had a clear view of the bar concept, starting from the name ending with the superfine details of the interior. Low-budget, slightly brutal, and aimed to become a bar chain with an indirect succession of the atmosphere of the bars in the USSR — these are the main features of the project. The general task was to embody the “modern Soviet Union”. We must pay a tribute to the architecture of the room we worked on.

The first floor of a residential five-story brick building build in mid-20th century, with a ceiling height of 4 meters, with large floor-to-ceiling windows. Those windows in particular have played a major role in the interior. The premise was in a sorry state. Therefore a lot of time and effort was spent on the rebuilding of the decayed walls, floors, windows and full restoration of the input group, replacing all windows, etc.

Simple materials were used in that project: bricks, paving tiles, white wall ceramic tiles, painted metal, oak wood. Bricks were bought from the dismantling of an old apartment building in the heart of the city. Natural stone on the floor is cut in the shape of hexagons.

We paid special attention to the lighting. Except of the large lampshades over the bar all other lights were produced by the Ye.Light Design studio. They are made of metal pipe elements and plumbing parts. Functional elements of the interior’s entourage are ceiling fans, dropped on a nonstandard height. They are helpful in the hot summertime.

The central element is a large shelf behind the bar, filled with alcohol from top to the bottom. We have almost refused any other decoration. Only a bunch of homemade pickled vegetables in the glass jars, old-fashioned weights and a fridge evoke a sense of nostalgia. There is a jukebox, which plays any song from the collections of the USSR 70th hits.

The bar consist of two rooms. There are no waiters and printed menus, which are replaced by the information on the large chalkboards. We were lucky to work on that project because we’ve got a 100% customer’s trust and the final result seems therefore delightful to us.

Thank’s to photographer Ania Gorienchik
Design by Yova Yager and Ira Miller,

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