Follonico boutique hotel, Montepulciano – Italy

November 16th, 2013 by retail design blog

Follonico 4-Suite is a concept project of refurbishing an old ruined (almost on the ground) Tuscan farmhouse with the aim to fuse technology in nowadays living spaces and recovering old times materials. The owners, a young couple with 3 kids, decided to approach the project with the partnerships of local artisans specialized in recycling what other people use to throw away. The result of this approach is a renovated boutique hotel with 4 suites and 2 standard rooms, open year round and set in one of the most beautiful valleys of the province of Siena.

Among various artisans, a special role has been played by Sestini & Corti who supplied old wooden beams, terracotta tiles, old floors, doors and, in a creativity join venture with the owners, created custom furniture as tables, beds, kitchen, counters, cabinets, bed lights, and lots of object that the interior designer Suzanne Simons wanted to have for her special creature: Follonico 4 Suite.

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