Barbisio Factory fashion boutique by DUO Commercial Design, Catania – Italy

November 18th, 2013 by retail design blog

The restyling of the interiors of Barbisio Factory corresponds simultaneously with the redevelopment of the brand identity to declaring a new beginning in one of the most time-honored fashion stores of Catania. Asserting the difference of this store with the Classic store, the new Barbisio Factory is conceived as a place for producing styles, a workshop where customers will find the appropriate environment for creating their own style by combining both bespoke and experimental labels.

A factory is traditionally a place where the idea of transformation is the core principle and in this instance Barbisio Factory performs the transformation of the original historical brand (Barbisio) into a new one that is an elaboration of the former; the transformation of a spatial commercial environments into a showcase, an erratic factory where vintage furniture and contemporary designed displays provide a stimulating setting for a personalized shopping experience.

There are two main new features – that are conceived as a unique system – creating a spine to supporting and stimulating the customer’s journey and browsing into the store: a central display developing around a structural column creates a sort of multifunctional stage, a catwalk around which we have imagined all customers would move. The geometry and silhouettes are studied to resemble the combination of mechanic components, twisting around the column and thus emphasizing the perspective from the entrance towards the bottom of the store. This element is a very powerful display for different articles also incorporating a workstation – in a central position – that creates both a welcoming desk and cash counter.

The window-shops are also conceived as part of this new system of designed displays both in terms of shape and material. They are conceived as continuous podiums projecting through the windows and they redefine also the appearance of the external façade with the new signage.

All new elements have wood structures and surfaces and they result from a combination of two finishes: the bases are rendered with a product resembling a “stucco veneziano” paint in a light concrete-grey tone and finished with a protective film of decorative wax. The upper part of the main display and other moveable parts incorporated to the window showcases are instead white lacquered.

Along the perimeter of the store the hanging device systems are designed and created with steal rods with a transparent varnish whereas existing shelves are in painted natural wood. The preferred color palette of new elements merges perfectly with the existing laminate flooring and wood furniture whereas bright white walls and ceiling create a counterpoint to the intense tones of the floor. A newly improved internal lighting scheme finally add values to both the merchandise and the cozy atmosphere of the store.

Barbisio Factory enumerates different national and international bespoke brands with a distinctive identity. The store interiors, therefore, had to represent it’s brand identity without celebrating or lessening any of the labels offered in the store. The environment has been kept as neutral as possible but equally representing the new identity through the introduction of the new elements. All customers feel more encouraged to surfing through the different areas of the store whereas previously the space was occupied by a group of tables and displays that created a very disturbing “corridor” generating a barrier between the consumers and the products.

Interior design: Andrea Guardo, DUO Commercial Design, Catania
Leaflet design: Daniele Saguto, DUO Commercial Design, Catania
Photos: Salvatore Gozzo

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