fischerAppelt’s offices, Hamburg – Germany

November 21st, 2013 by retail design blog

When it comes to the extension to its parent building in Hamburg, too, the agency is looking to innovate by creating a conscious break with the plain design of the existing rooms. It offers a 400 m² area, with Ole Grönwoldt being commissioned with the design.

The fundamental idea is the concept of the centre. The aim is that, here, just as in a market-place, the trading of ideas, communications and design will take place. But market-places are always places for nurturing diversity as well. And in order to reflect this, too, in the furnishings for this area, the theme of collection serves as a design concept umbrella – thus facilitating a cocktail of style, modernity and organic growth, in a light-hearted aggregation of items paired with the necessary seriousness of an aesthetic design.

To create this marketplace-like atmosphere, the space is not fashioned towards maximum use of the space, but is instead equipped with an inviting central area with a bar, pantry, seating options and a sculpture-like stairwell, with this area being surrounded by the offices. The furniture, stairs and dividing walls engage in a symbiosis between creations specially-designed for the spaces and found objects.

The genuinely inspirational aspect is that you can barely identify which furniture belongs to which group. Particular emphasis has been placed on referencing the architecture. Thus, for example, the shelves and conference table – despite a surface playfulness – make strict reference to the beams, the lines of which are mirrored precisely in elements such as the gaps and the concrete feet. In this way, a harmonious balance has been successfully created between diversity and orderliness.

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