Coop ECR stand by Vannini Cesaretti, Milan

November 27th, 2013 by retail design blog

The international movement ECR (Efficient Consumer Response) takes inspiration from innovative principles of collaborative management between large scale retail trade and manufacturers. The ECR-Italy project deals with the Corporate Social Responsibility and accordingly, since 2004, Coop the leading Italian supermarket chain has offered all of its suppliers the possibility to take some concrete actions in a few specific domains such as environmental protection, the defense of human rights and nutritional safety.

In view of its participation to the yearly appointment of the forum, Coop has trusted the design of its stand with the Milan-based vc a, who had already designed the new in-store image and communication of the company’s hypermarkets. Coop’s institutional vocation was the main theme to be communicated alongside values such as membership, solidarity and sustainability, which have always distinguished the work of Coop and stand for its number-one communication tool

The project has been keyed to outstanding set design simplicity. The institutional colours – white and red – have been matched in a rational mix of volumes and surfaces. Against this composition, two recurrent metaphors have been staged, namely bond and embrace which immediately remind the visitor of the company’s value-focused approach. Reproduced on the floor as a blown-up decorative pattern, the logo is the hallmark of the four exhibit areas dedicated to “fair trade” products and innovative research in product design. The large bottom wall evokes and magnifies the theme of bonding values and relations. A crowded reception and sampling area, livened up by the presence of people, completes the space layout.

Photo by © Saverio Lombardi Vallauri.

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