Old Amsterdam Promotional display by Studiomfd

November 30th, 2013 by retail design blog

Since 2012 studiomfd repeatedly creates designs for Old Amsterdam, the world famous aged cheese from Holland. This promotional display for the cheese brand that can be used in supermarkets throughout Europe and that is in line with its current rebranding. The object was designed and developed to suit the overall appearance of the brand’s two cheese stores. In this downsized edition of the brand the consumer can experience the same look & feel.

The metal brace holds a dummy cheese wheel at eye level and is crowned by the steel logo of Old Amsterdam, attracting the attention of the shop’s customers from afar. The two shelves and the lower counter provide space for the cheeses. The brace is detachable so that the rack is easy to clean and transport. The look & feel is right on target. According to Old Amsterdam, this new promotional display with its recognizable, bold and personable materials represents the world of Old Amsterdam in miniature.

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