Crayola Retail Store IDL Worldwide & Reztark Design, Easton – Pennsylvania

December 20th, 2013 by retail design blog

This year was particularly commemorative for the iconic Crayola brand, as it marked the grand reopening of The Crayola Experience. In support of this exciting launch, IDL, part of Matthews Brand Solutions, partnered with Reztark Design to execute the new Crayola Retail Store, a unique adventure within The Crayola Experience. The IDL team managed the completed production and installation that not only celebrates the breadth of Crayola’s product collection, but also provides specialty services that are only found at this specific retail location.

IDL’s Design, Engineering, and 3D Visualization teams collaborated to bring all the retail store elements together, which included all the floor fixtures, cash wraps and ceiling discs. Among the new additions is the “Pick-Your-Pack,” a 40’ wall that spans from floor to ceiling.

This wall of art, both figuratively and literally speaking, provides consumers with the opportunity to customize their own pack of markers or crayons from Crayola’s full array of all 121 colors. The “Create and Print” counter, also new, is an interactive station that allows guests to print their own souvenir tee shirts, bags and other keepsake items.

With a reported increase of 400-700 consumers in the retail store at an hourly basis, coupled with sales tripling expectations, the integration of the consumer touch points have proven to be a large success. When reflecting on the transformation, Scott Girard, IDL Account Manager for Crayola explains, “Ironically located in the oldest building in Easton, PA, the Crayola Retail Experience is a youthful, one-of-kind attraction that celebrates Crayola’s playful nature for both children experiencing it for their first time, as well as for parents who are not only reliving their childhood, but making new family traditions of their own.”

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  1. ckratzer says:

    Design was by REZTARK Design Studio, Cincinnati , Ohio not iDL Worldwide

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