Café Showroom by MW Design, Taipei – Taiwan

January 9th, 2014 by retail design blog

Café Showroom is a space with wonderful things from daily life: desserts, tea, wine, arts and people. It combines coffee shop and gallery together into one space, and provides people from busy city to enjoy calmness while sipping their favorite drinks and viewing arts.

The design concept is to have a quiet and simple space for the gallery while adding a little warmness for people who like to relax at the seating area. The designer, Michelle Wei, reused old wooden fences for the bar and walls of gallery to add softness into the space. The colors of the fences have become grayish from years of sun and rain, which balance well with the quiet atmosphere of gallery. The cement bar counter top and the tabletops also add steadiness and calmness for the space while keeping its modern feel.

To extend the coffee shop area into the gallery space, Michelle Wei made a slanted transparent glass wall between two areas for visual connection. The black metal frames going around the windows, doors, and walls of the gallery have also made the gallery more standout when viewing from the seating area.

Another element used in the coffee shop is the Spanish floral tile for the walkway in front of the bar. It is different from the typical colorful Spanish floral tiles; its grayish patterns balance well between warm and quietness, which is the atmosphere that the designer wanted to create.

When it comes to dusk with adjustments for the lighting, the coffee shop has changed into a space with an ambience for chatting and wine tasting. Especially the wine coolers, big teak wood table and the hanging metal shelve above have also make the space more lively.

Design Company: MW Design
Designer: Michelle Wei

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