Qbic hotel by Blacksheep, London

January 10th, 2014 by retail design blog

Blacksheep were approached by Qbic to partner with them on the design of their new innovative hotel in London, a sister hotel to Qbic Amsterdam. Qbic is an affordable pod style hotel for the budget savvy traveller. Key to their offer is their modular bedrooms, called Cubis, which are made off-site and can be easily installed to exacting specifications.

Blacksheep was to design the public spaces including a dining/living area and library, which would not only translate Qbic’s strong brand identity and philosophy but also reflect the charm and vibrancy of its East London location, Whitechapel. This brief was also heavily influenced by Qbic’s desire to integrate into the local community, taking inspiration from the surrounding area and creating a home away from home experience.

Designing a space which was comfortable and welcoming was key as well as providing a fun communal experience which draws inspiration from the surrounding community. As a starting point, Blacksheep made it their mission to weave this ethos throughout the public spaces, whilst also tapping into Whitechapel’s creative hub. The kitchen area includes a giant island which acts as a pinnacle to bring people together to prepare and cook their meals. Aspirations to invite local Brick Lane chefs to host regular curry nights are just some of the plans in the pipeline to ensure the area acts as a central hub of activity, infused with local dynamism.

The library area provides an added opportunity for guests to integrate with each other by allowing them to upload and share their photos on flat screens created to look like traditional hung paintings. Neon pink signage and a gold illuminated stag’s head are just some of the more quirkier design details dotted throughout the living area and library space which reflect the unique culture of East London living and bring the personality of the hotel to life.

With ambitions for growth, Blacksheep also designed a range of bespoke Qbic icons based on the hotel’s core offering, ‘the cube’, that could also act as signature design features in future hotels. Side tables resembling cubes equipped with integrated ipads, colorful metal cubic signage and striking pendant lights also in cubic form, are just some of the powerful elements which depict the brand’s passion for technology and design.

Services Provided: Interior Design, Lighting Design, Furniture Design

“Blacksheep is special and being special is ultimately what’s its all about. Telling the Qbic story and transforming it into the right environment is extremely difficult but Blacksheep hit bulls eye with their design concept first time around. It is a company with extreme character and we can relate to that because Qbic is too.” Paul Rinkins, Qbic Hotels


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