Daxing factory conversion by Nie Yong + Yoshimasa Tsutsumi, Beijing – China

January 13th, 2014 by retail design blog

The factory building was conversed to the head office of the furniture manufacturer. The programs are factory for 1st floor , 2nd floor and half of 3rd floor, exhibition space for half of 3rd floor, office space for 4th floor. The exhibition space of 3rd floor is connected to the 4th floor through spiral stairs where the existing floor was removed. 5.5m ceiling height is enough to make skip-floor style, so that we aimed to realize three-dimensionaloffice landscape.

The requested programs were conference room, meeting room, resting space, office space, vice-president’s room and so on. Comparatively public programs of these such as conference room were put near to the elevator hall, on the other hand office space was put on inner part of the floor. Office space was planned to open, whereas the rooms those were needed to be closed would be treated as a group of several volumes in the huge space.

The spiral staircase that was put in the center of the floor connects the exhibition space of 3rd floor and office space of 4th floor and resting space of loft. When we enter from the elevator hall, we can see the conference room in tiers next to the void with spiral staircase. On the opposite side of the conference room across the void, there is small-sized meeting room and the volume of the resting space is flying over it.

After passing through this small-sized meeting room, there is office space with skip-floor where the sections are clearly separated by the floor height also the difference of eye level induce the communication between them. When rising up to 1.2m level, we reach the back of the conference room in tiers. This conference room connects between entrance hall and office space, when not using conference room we can use this as shortcut.

Basic use materials are white EP paint on the wall, mortar finish on the existing floor, steel checkered plate on the skip-floor. Around some part like elevator hall or stairs, COR-TEN steel was used to add rigid accent, on the other hand on the wide wall at the end of the entrance hall vertical plant was put to soften space.

Inside the landscape with various levels, white boxes are put as if to make village. There are some bypasses, hidden area and open area, alcove where we can look down the atrium, also we can overview whole area from the loft space. As if we walk inside the ancient village, we can enjoy sequential view here. (Yoshimasa Tsutsumi)

Photographs: Misae Hiromatsu


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