Roca Madrid Gallery installation by CuldeSacTM, Madrid – Spain

January 14th, 2014 by retail design blog

Roca Gallery is the meeting point for various social, cultural and exhibition activities related to the company’s values –sustainability, design and innovation– and tries to be a hallmark of design in all cities where it is present.

On this occasion, the innovative space Roca Madrid Gallery has relied on the creative studio CuldeSacTM for the conception of its new display cases. Roca, a leader in bathroom spaces, has been designing and innovating for over half a century, in order to provide solutions for efficiently managing water consumption. Using the importance of the responsible and sustainable management of this valuable resource as a stepping point, CuldeSacTM has given life to the “Cloud of Sustainability,” an impactful, artistic installation that can be seen in the façade and display cases of Roca Madrid Gallery.

This creative project became the perfect scenario for showing off the collection of Roca bathroom fittings, extolling all of the qualities of the product. The concept of rain, synthesized by the layout of bathroom fittings, portrays a superb curtain of drops that fall in harmonic disorder.

“The Cloud of Sustainability” is a symbol with great sculptural force that alludes to the water cycle from a new sophisticated and conceptual perspective. The cloud, being the most essential and iconic part of the water and life cycle, is built starting with a single, swift and dynamic stroke. In this case, sustainability is expressed in the purest manner: It forms an infinite loop that takes on a structure that in turn serves as a link with the exposed product. And thus the Roca bathroom fittings become a point of reference thanks to their commitment to innovation, design, technology and solutions that respect the environment.

The installation shows a pixelated, oversized texture that presents two different readings by considering it in detail or from a general point of view from the outside of the building. Furthermore, CuldeSacTM has produced an audiovisual piece of motion graphics that explains the importance of water in environmental sustainability.

This is not the first time that CuldeSac™ has collaborated with Roca Madrid Gallery. The studio was responsible for developing other temporary installations, such as the “Destinos” exhibition/display case, representing various scenes for setting and putting context to the Roca Urban collection, starting with the proper essence of the pieces: The cities that give them their name. These projects add to the long list of jobs by CuldeSac™ in the retail sector, where the company consolidates itself ever further thanks to its association with first-class domestic and
international brands.

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