FURNITURE SHOWROOMS! Modular Academy showroom, Roeselare – Belgium

January 18th, 2014 by retail design blog

In February the Belgian lighting brand Modular is opening the doors to its brand-new showroom at the company headquarters in Roeselare. The Modular Academy allows you to discover the latest light fittings and lighting techniques in an inspiring setting. Technology and design go hand in hand in this exploration of light.

Modular Lighting Instruments is known for its high-end and architectural lighting. Today, the brand also combines successful design and pioneering lighting technology. An example are its LED s, which posed a new challenge, prompting Modular to ask itself how it could efficiently share its knowledge with the outside world.

The answer: the Modular Academy. In this extraordinary showroom Modular shares its lighting know-how with the public, but there’s more. You can also head to the showroom to experience and test lighting. The Modular Academy is the place to be if you want to experience light in an authentic setting.

Lighting integrated in an inspiring setting At the Modular Academy you can discover more than 540 light fittings designed by the brand in a realistic setting. The classrooms dedicated to various subjects (music, painting, sculpture, drawing, photography and architecture, a gymnastics hall and a library) take you back to fun times at school. The classrooms are all located around an interior garden where you can socialise. Not in the mood to stay in class? Then you can try to hide in the mysterious dark alley. The concept was designed by Modular in collaboration with, the agency that also designs its muchtalked-about trade fair stands.

LED lighting: a true experience “The old showroom was a hit with visitors, but it was time for something new. In the past four years we have positioned Modular as a pioneering LED lighting brand. However, we have noticed there are still a lot of taboos and questions about this type of lighting. The LED lighting experience remains a mystery to many people. In the new showroom we clearly illustrate all the possibilities and the versatility of LED lighting. We also show you the lovely atmosphere this lighting creates,” explains Lieven Messiaen, CEO of Modular.

Experience LED lighting for yourself Most showrooms are too overwhelming for visitors. Modular asked to create an accessible overview of the brand’s light fittings. The result: various classrooms with integrated fittings. Every space features both ambient and accent lighting, up and down lighters, ceiling and wall lighting. Moreover, each room has a different ceiling height.

The dark alley is a must for anyone who wants to see movement sensors in action and the interior garden with the age-old tree is the ideal setting to discover the Modular outdoor lighting range. Thanks to the Niko Home Control system every light fitting can be easily controlled. Every room features a touch screen displaying the various fittings. One touch allows you to switch all the lights on and off, to dim them or to change their colour temperature.

Authenticity and high tech go hand in hand “Our light fittings are always described as ‘minimalistic’, ‘edgy’ and ‘architectural’. Those words make it difficult for many people to see our products in a context other than a minimalistic matchboxtype house. Nevertheless, our lighting works well in very diverse settings, in both new and renovated buildings,” explains Lieven Messiaen. You can clearly see this in our showroom. Modern light fittings in old-fashioned classrooms are a winning combination.

The various small rooms will make it easy for small groups to follow the path through the school. In 2013 Modular will welcome as many customers and partners as possible to this new showroom. Some classrooms can even host small workshops. Every visit to the showroom can be combined with a course on light, LEDs, profiles etc.

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