Bartlett Seoul Show 2013 exhibition by Atelier Archi@Mosphere, Seoul – Korea

January 22nd, 2014 by retail design blog

‘The Bartlett Seoul Show 2013’ is an exhibition to share the new architectural attempt in England with architectural students and architects in Korea through the drawings, models and films of Bartlett Alumni Korea. Atelier Archi.Mosphere has tried to design a system for realization the characteristic of Bartlett, UCL and the unique experience of exhibition space.

This systematic exhibition space takes its idea from ‘Light Steel Framing’. This System is used as exhibition panel and lighting for architectural drawings, as well as designed based on standard measurement to reused it after short exhibition period and for minimum construction cost. The exposed materials of ‘Light Steel Framing’, (Runner, Stud, Gypsum board, and Screw), make the pure feeling to the experience of exhibition space while lighting structured at Stud, which give a sensuous lighting effect to whole exhibition space, illuminate the each architectural drawings and models.

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