Chengdu IFC Cinema by AS Design, Chengdu – China

January 31st, 2014 by retail design blog

The designers hope to sublimate the new brand image, integration of cosmopolitan lifestyle requirements that the Chinese gradually enjoy, with the booming growth and the top-tier status of IFC, taking this project as an opportunity to attract the spotlight on high quality movie appreciation. It will present an attractive brand new upscale cinema world.
( Supernova arise right from the Universe explosion )

Scientists infer:
“The Universe is formed by the BIG BANG and expansion; it represents a new era, a new milestone, and a symbol of strength.” Believing that the universe was formed by the BIG BANG and expansion to today’s state produced by an extremely hot 【Astronomy】”Singularity” from a scientific point of view, which will be the evolution of the very bright SUPERNOVA. Designers use “BIG BANG & SUPERNOVA” to symbolize the attempt to expand of new brand, the ability and instantaneous growth, and also a symbol of the SUPERNOVA in the China film industry, with a new image and being a spotlight topic.

“IMAX” (Image Maximum) and BIG BANG are very similar in model structure, from a single point and instantaneously expand to its maximum, filled with affluent elements and dramatic tension. From a point to a line, then to convey the messages and the function of unlimited visual effect extension by the structure of the screen; different expression of radiation, is the equivalent of a movie that can drive the psychological emotional changes and imagination of people.

The design element uses black and gold as the main colors, with the dramatic lightings and the radiation lines / continuous lines that represent explosions, to communicate ideas, guidance, and rhythm. Repetitive dynamically generated power source, and changing the sense of small space to infinite space, to bring guests the sense of no gravity, such that they can fully appreciate and comprehend the historical BIG BANG moments and the pictures of the expansion process in this environment with multiple perspectives, pushing the surreal visual effects to the extreme perceptions.

Design Firm: AS Design Service Limited
Design Team: Four Lau (Creative Director), Sam Sum (Art Director)

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