Bogner 3D miniature models installation by Kemmler Kemmler & Dirk Bonn, Munich

February 6th, 2014 by retail design blog

Many experts predict 2014 to be the year when 3D printing really takes off. The German fashion brand Bogner makes a start and utilizes 3D prints to showcase its Bogner Fire+Ice anniversary collection in trade shows and in retail. Rather than presenting the 14 sweatshirt prints in a conventional way with mannequins it has produced 3D miniature models. Each model is presented in a custom made cabinet and small electronic motors rotate the pieces to allow customers to look at them from each side.

The installation has been developed by creative agency Kemmler Kemmler in cooperation with installation artist Dirk Bonn. Creative Director Katharina Kemmler: ‘Unlike many other current applications of 3D printing, this solution isn’t just using the technology for the sake of it. 3D printing offered us a scalable and cost-effective way to showcase the multiple prints of the collection in an spectacular and fun way.’

The installation will be shown at the sports fair ISPO in Munich from the from 26th – 29th of January and in the summer at selected retailers. The use of 3D prints allows to prominently showcase the 14 prints in a small space and add a playful and artistic layer to the journey through the collection. Installation artist Dirk Bonn explains the approach: ‘It was important to present the prints as pieces of art rather than T-Shirts and hoodies. With the 3D technique we can turn the prints into printed pieces.’

The use of 3D prints in retail installations is just the beginning of a journey for Bogner. Dirk Bonn has bigger plans for the future: ‘The next step would naturally be to create a retail printer that would allow customers to print their shirt directly in the store. But we will probably have to wait a bit until that comes true.’

Creative Agency: Kemmler Kemmler
Installation Artist: Dirk Bonn
Photographer: Jens Bösenberg
Head of Marketing: Carsten Hendrich
Client: Willy Bogner GmbH & Co. KGaA

Bogner Fire+Ice is a sportwear brand that was founded 1989, following the massive success of the 1980ies blockbuster ‘Fire and Ice’ filmed by Ski-legend Willy Bogner. For the 25th anniversary Bogner has asked 7 artists and 7 sports stars to create a special collection that is inspired by the original film.
Kemmler Kemmler is a creative agency based in Berlin working with clients such as Nike, Diesel and Bogner. It focuses on creating stunning physical experiences through retail installations, exhibitions and events and amplifying them in digital channels through social media.
Dirk Bonn is an installation artist from Berlin who has made a name for himself with various retail installations, trade show stands and shop window concepts for Nike and high end streetwear retailer Firmament.

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