Mar y Tierra Spanish cuisine restaurant by DOYLE COLLECTION, Hyogo – Japan

February 8th, 2014 by retail design blog

“Mar y Tierra” is a restaurant serving Spanish cuisine and wine. In the end of a long back street in a town, the restaurant is located with a high visibility. There are many interesting old buildings in which the old and new are coexisting in Spain. Those buildings have passed through a long time and their use has been changed. You can clearly see the changes appealing on the façade or the entire building. We got inspirations from present Spain and designed the restaurant.

The building was stand-alone and two-story. In order to give a strong impression, we complemented a missing part of the wall and made it in one large flat face. But we also wanted to emphasize to add the new idea to the existing building so differentiated materials and lightings. This is the realization of above-mentioned inspiration and the maximization of a potential of the building.
We newly created an inside double-height structure which can connect 1st floor, open kitchen and group seats, and 2nd floor, main dining space.

This idea added an iconic character to the restaurant and overwhelmed the disadvantage of reduction of the number of guest seats on the 2nd floor. The entire design image is based on “Taberna” and “a winery storehouse”. We adopted warm materials, eliminated too much brand-new images and assembled unchangeable contemporary air in the essence to rouse guest’s interest.
Aiji Inoue/Doyle Collection

Designer: Aiji Inoue / DOYLE COLLECTION co. ltd.
Photographer: Satoru Umetsu/ Nacasa&Partners

Doyle Collection was established in 2011.(Head office Tokyo, Japan) Aiji Inoue is CEO of Doyle Collection. Engaged as Interior Architect for 11years at a Japanese famous design studio. Created many projects and received high evaluation in every project. Most significant features of his works are not just creating one scene but sequence. Just one year Doyle Collection has been expanding the market from Japan to Asia and USA.

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