Carlotti optic boutique by Véronique Laurent

February 14th, 2014 by retail design blog

A professor of store design for over twenty years at the Institut Français de la Mode and a designer of boutiques and luxury corners for international brands, Véronique Laurent generously offers a high level of expertise in her work with clients. Valérie Carlotti, mistress of the place, appreciates Veronique Laurent’s sense of spacial organization and rigorous work ethic.

In a close collaboration that lasted over a year, Véronique Laurent brought to life the founder’s dream boutique. Valérie Carlotti, passionate about eyeglasses, continually seeks out talented designers and skilled technicians in the eyeglass industry worldwide. In her boutique, she wanted to update the optician’s trade by offering excellent, expert services and also focusing on creativity and selectivity.

Three key words characterize the Carlotti project : luxury, design and proximity with clients. The 60 square meter boutique on the ground floor of a Haussmannian building at 22 rue Cambon was entirely redecorated to evoke this mood. The 65 square meter boutique on the ground floor of a Haussmannian building at 22 rue Cambon was entirely redecorated to evoke this mood.

The exceptional eyeglass designs can be spotted immediately when customers enter the boutique. The metallic gray wall on the left, slashed by floor-to-ceiling columns of light, shows off the precious frames. Each of the trendy pieces shown is delicately placed on a sturdy plexiglas pedestal set between rows of drawers that hold the rest of the stock.

The central glass display case on an anthracite gray base of polished concrete, a material used for the floor as well, features precious models and refined eyeglass holders… A sculpture of light “ribbons” livens up the ceiling and adds a fairy-like touch to the entire space.

The consulting area on the right looks like a small salon, its luxurious, intimate decor comes alive in refined colors with an unusual combination of materials. The silver leather-covered tables are paired with armchairs covered in metallic fabrics or absinthe green and delicate blue velvet. The wall on this side, with its slashed gold metal covering resembles a painting. It is embellished by niches that highlight other, suspended frames.

Other design details make this almost ceremonial atmosphere even more sublime : Tall mirrors on the walls reflect clients to give them a better view of themselves as they try on glasses.
The cash desk is discreetly set behind a wall of light-colored concrete at the back of the store on which are projected images of Valérie Carlotti’s unique selection of eyeglasses. This way, passersby on the rue Cambon, a street that attracts many international visitors, can see the products as well.

The chic, sober, black facade is framed in black nickel, the entrance door handle is covered in leather. The signage letters are made out of lights and nickel.

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