Anthropology of Design pop-up shop, Dubai – United Arab Emirates

February 20th, 2014 by retail design blog

Anthropology of Design is an anthropological exploration of designers and cities, in order to understand the influence of local contemporary, and heritage culture within their work. The result is a platform that examines cultural influences on designers, who produce work that is interdisciplinary by nature. Seasonally AOD will curate a collection that not only represents the designers aesthetic, but also represents this aesthetic within the context of the city they live in.

Every six months, AOD focuses on three cities per cycle. By traveling to these cities and meeting with designers, we get to observe them in their natural environment, giving us a closer look into their life, their culture, and their work. Through this, we deliver their collection and stories in a more honest and real way. These stories can be explored on our website.

This season we focus on the cities of London, Copenhagen and Beirut through the common theme of Architecture in Fashion. Through observing, we find that this is done through the designer’s experimentation with soft geometric forms to create new proportions, structures and silhouettes. The collection will be presented in the form of a mini-gallery that is designed to represent the fashion designers and the city they are from and located on the first floor of Galeries Lafayette in The Dubai Mall from 10 February – 10 May 2014.

The pieces play with volume and shape while still retaining an element of simplicity and minimalism. By creating pieces that can hold their own structure while experimenting with material, this collection combines traditional tailoring techniques, and modern methodologies of constructing garments and jewelry in order to retain form.

Focusing on contemporary culture, AOD aims to curate a collection of engineered garments and elegantly designed jewelry with a strong belief in quality and relevant surrounding environments to present design through a new perspective. This gives users an experience of exceptional design and a closer look into how fashion is influenced through people and place.

By experiencing collections from the designers that come from the same city, you begin to experience the culture of that city; finding the similarities that tie the designers together. This makes it more evident that people living within the same environment tend to follow the same direction and subconsciously draw similar inspirations.

Maygreen shop by Kinzo, Hamburg
Freestanding white objects soaring close above the dark brown floor made of ...
Victoria collection by 7Gods
Light is bounced in different directions to illuminate the brass cavity, wit...
Office block by Bernardes Arquitetura, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
The perforated aluminium exterior is the most dominant of the three layers...
Saks Fifth Avenue store, Connecticut
The team was inspired by the opportunity to transform the traditional depart...

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