Guanahani Hotel & Spa by Luis Pons Design Lab, St Barth – French West Indies

March 2nd, 2014 by retail design blog

The spirit of the Guanahani design can be defined as a spontaneous gesture of courtesy: A hug and removal of a hat off a head. Guanahani means Welcome in the Arawak language; it was the first word spoken by the natives as Spanish people arrived to America. A hat is an iconic piece that is associated to the outdoors; it offers protection to the head as the roofs provide shelter to a house. A Panama hat represents elegant, sophistication, lightness, flexibility, exquisite craftsmanship and beauty. A Panama hat is a perfect integration of form and function.

Hotel design ideas:
Cohesive union
The Sun has become the core of the tropical design over history. The way we have to reflect this concept in our daily clothing is by using a hat that provides us with the necessary sun protection. In our case the Panama hat inspires the quality of the experience we will like to pursue and reflects the values of the design. The design of the hotel translates colonial style by searching lightness and comfort, preserving the sense of memory and traditional craftsmanship.

Comfort and lightness
Lightness and comfort define the journey of the smart, sophisticated and adventures traveler. The aesthetic of a panama weave applied to cabinets that sit on a fine classical base creates a light perception in the design. The weave represents laying on the beach while relaxing under the shade of palm trees.

The hotel design is a history of layers; each room seems to have been lived by several owners in different time’s periods. The grandparent once an admiral, now a day’s a fisherman lived with his son – a boat racer – and his grandson – a surfer – sharing the same roof over years. Each room has a story to tell and it is unified by history, gesture s of welcoming and comfort.

Every piece of furniture has been design to create a collection that reflects the spirit of the Guanahani. Night stand, headboard, credenza, bar, lamps, chairs; bench, table, paint colors, pillows, art installation, accessories and objects will show the identity and vision of the brand.

The furniture has been design as a system of assembly in which the two main components can be change and adapt according to the rooms needs. The base – a classic slick metal platform – holds a series of cabinets and drawers – made out of wood and Panama hat weave – to provide the hotel with a line of furniture that will treasure the journey. In the style of Neo colonial furniture the pieces recreate the image of traveling vintage trunks over a old and slick wood base. The bases are made out of metal to be perceived as light as possible and the cabinets of wood and cover with Panama hat weave.

Designed by Luis Pons Design Lab

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