Belmar boutique by Studio Gil Silva Arquitectos & ansorg, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

March 12th, 2014 by retail design blog

In the very south of the Spanish holiday island of Tenerife the wellknown shopping mall ‘Plaza del Duque’ provides visitors, in keeping with its name, with shopping enjoyment worthy of a duke. Since recently the chic circular building has accommodated, besides all of the known luxury brands, also the fashion boutique Belmar. In cooperation with the architects’ office Studio Gil Silva Arquitectos, Ansorg developed an attractive lighting concept that underscores the exclusiveness of the shop design.

Two superimposed walls enclose the approximately 170 m² large showroom like a double membrane. Openings in the outer membrane produce a desired transparency and provide an attractive wall design. Pedestals illuminated from underneath, on which selected goods have been placed, surround the supporting pillars in the central area of the room. The cash desk area and the exclusive showcases for handbags and accessories have been provided with natural wood panelling. Their differently arranged strips of wood create a natural, exciting and exclusive ambiance and give the room a special highlight.

The bright lighting rich in accents has been adapted to the attractive shop design in an optimum manner. In the salesroom LED spotlights of the BOP series set the scene brilliantly for the exclusive and colourful fashion.

The spotlights are arranged along black stripes producing a clear and uncluttered ceiling. In the display window area BOP shows particular flexibility. By means of alternating equipping of the spotlights with spot and medium flood reflectors dynamic accentuated illumination of the shop-window mannequins as well as an attractive long-distance effect are obtained. LED downlight modules of the Lightstripe recessed luminaire system provide bright and glare-free illumination of the cash register area and of the changing rooms. With the full-area LED concept Ansorg achieves not only impressive and brilliant setting of the scene for the products but, with 18 watts per square metre, even over a small area obtains very good energy efficiency.

Energy consumption: 18 W/m²
Lighting technology: LED
Luminaires: Bop BKL, Lightstripe LCL, Lightstripe LEL
Photos: GS Arquitectos, Madrid

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