BUBIES Yin Yang store by PplusP Designers, Hong Kong

March 31st, 2014 by retail design blog

The project’s brief is to create a modern and cozy space, where one could relax and experience the journey of shopping. Walking into BUBIES, one would be attracted by the feminine-shaped structure. An abstract woman’s body shape like display object as focus at first glance In order to cover the large beam located at the center, an abstract object that imitates woman’s body curve line is created. It not only fits the theme of Bubies, but also functions as a display system with stretch-out digital photo frames’ shelf. Being located at the center of the shop, such feminine body shape like display system functions as a focus spot when enters the shop.

The space is zoned into four areas by different tiles, symbolizing the Asian signature of Yin Yang while fusing in modern elements. This also fulfills the functional needs of the store, which has crossover product design with 4 artists every period. Applying 4 different floor materials allows easy distinguish between different artists’ product display.

The display niches are also made free to slide and rotate, providing great varieties on how the space looks and feels, making the atmosphere different every visit. The flexible display system also allows a multifunctional use of space. Beyond a traditional store, the space could be used to conduct different events and activities in the same place.

To make the store a sustainable space, energy efficient LED reflector lamps was used to replace traditional halogen lamps. They help eliminating unnecessary energy consumption without scarifying the unique sparkling effect of halogen lamps. Furthermore, the choice of LED reflector lamps eliminates the heat generated for the hot halogen lamps, thus reduces the burden on air-conditioning.

The color theme and material were also carefully choice. With the main theme color of white, the efficiency of lighting is enhanced while doesn’t scarify the elegant atmosphere of the environment. The abundant use of clear mirror also helps making the store a transparent and spacious environment without the need of adding extra lighting equipment. The windows of the shop are also designed with a flexible curtain system.

When the sunlight is too strong, the curtain could be closed to shield the store from the heat of the sun. When the sunlight is mild, curtain could be opened to let in sunlight, reducing the need of extra lighting. In both situations, the elegant atmosphere of the space won’t be distorted, while the energy efficiency of the space could always be well maintained.

Designed by PplusP Designers

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