Ideal & Co Living Heritage bags

March 31st, 2014 by retail design blog

Ideal & Co, Living Heritage* is the culmination of diverse histories and experiences: a brand that sees itself as passionate, dreamy and spontaneous, where each piece is much more than just what you see and touch. Based on a functional minimalism Ideal &Co, Living Heritage* creates pieces that are unique, timeless, highly desirable, and durable, because…
*some things stay with you forever!

The respect for the noblest prime materials, transformed in an ecological and sustainable way, as well as the valorisation of work conducted by experienced artisans, are the basis for the conception and idealization of the full collection. Each Ideal & Co, Living Heritage* product is special, and has a life of its own! Although being through the artisan that the product gains the shape idealized by the designers, the most differentiating contribute is in reality given by the hands of the user. By shaping up due to its usage, the piece gains a character and personality of its own, reflecting its own “experiences”. As times goes by, each piece becomes more personal, beautiful, and valuable.

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