LINGERIE STORES! Secrets by Day store by COEN!, Valkenswaard – the Netherlands

March 31st, 2014 by retail design blog

Imagine yourself seducing rather than selling… How to put a product as exciting and seductive as lingerie in the market? How do you present core values as confident, sexy, charming, successful and love? The exclusive boutique with the provocative name ‘Secrets by Day‘ faces this challenge while leaving enough space for good personal advice: the customer comes first. This retail concept has been designed by the team of COEN! and implemented in every detail. Selling by seduction….

Presenting lingerie accessibly and luxuriously? The appearance of the interior of this exclusive boutique provides the answer to the question. The latest lingerie collections are presented in a bright environment. Shown in high-gloss white cabinets with lace pattern. Making lingerie the seducing eye catcher. The sophisticated layout makes this space also a catwalk on client evenings.

The fitting rooms are situated in an intimate setting with warm purple light and soft carpeting. A kind of boudoir embracing you with attention. And when you leave the spacious dressing room you stand proudly in front of a mirrored wall saying “you are beautiful”.

Coen van Ham, creative director of COEN! says about the concept: “Seducing is so much more fun than selling. And then experience how much you sell! Our team has applied the beautiful art of seduction both literally and figuratively here.

The logo of Secrets by Day reveals the secret of the heart enclosed in a parenthesis. The use of colour translates white and purple as day and night. And the specially designed lace pattern supports the visual communication.

Wendy Roy, owner of Secrets by Day, summarized the collaboration as follows: “A designer can realize my dreams of a perfect boutique in a way that I never could. Everything is well thought-out and carried out in the total appearance. With this approach I can focus my attention on my clients… ”

Interior/identity design: COEN!, Eindhoven
Interior builder: CoKoen, Eindhoven
Floors: Gerflor Insight, Forbo Marmoleum en Interface Flor Equilibrium
Walls: Stucco, digital prints and mirrors
Lighting: Osram LED
Ceiling: Rockfon
Furniture: COEN!
Wall prints: Océ foil

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