Dior Christmas window display 2013

April 1st, 2014 by retail design blog

Dior’s window display for Christmas 2013 for the London high street store on Bond Street, featured a dollhouse which had mechanical doors which opened and closed revealing items they had for sale. The two dollhouses were three stories tall with each floor having its own door that would opened on a timed loop. Each door would open at different times so that none of them were open at the same time.

When each door opens white LED lights turn on to highlight the items that have been placed into the display area. When the door closes the lights turn off and another opens highlighting another item. To give some variety to the different doors coloured per specs has been used to give different colours to each of the doors. In order for all of this to work a programmable DMX Controller and a DMX Circuit board were used to control the lights and the Servo motor that opened and closed the doors. The lights programming and photos by Joe Watts from InStyle LED.

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