Nudie Jeans Repair Shop, Berlin – Germany

April 4th, 2014 by retail design blog

Swedish denim house Nudie Jeans kick off 2014 with cause to celebrate, launching a new Repair Shop in Berlin’s Mitte, in collaboration with Bread & Butter founder, and owner of 14 Oz., Karl-Heinz Müller. With Repair Shops already active in Gothenburg, Stockholm, London, Barcelona, Zurich, Sydney, Tokyo and Los Angeles, the brand continue to ambitiously spread their sustainable, eco, and environmentally friendly gospel to the world.

The Repair Shops showcase the brand’s full line of denim and seasonal collections, but also are an effective communication tool to tell the Nudie Jeans Eco-Cycle Philosophy; break in, repair, reuse and recycle. The store offers repairs and alterations on all Nudie Jeans product by the in-house denim specialists free as standard – a service which not only fits perfectly with the brand’s philosophy to strive for healthier and sustainable consumption patterns, but raises the bar in customer service.

Nestled between two courtyards surrounded by beautiful brickwork, the store is located in Mitte, Berlin’s most trafficked area, currently undergoing a renaissance through its hidden stores, bars and coffee shops. The interior, designed by Nudie Jeans’ in-house architect Ida Toll, features raw and rustic fixtures and furniture on a clean backdrop giving an industrial-inspired feel, a beautiful compliment to the building architecture.

The 142 sq. m. interior retains the building’s original architectural features – characteristic ceiling arches, vast industrial windows, and flat concrete flooring provides the perfect clean backdrop to showcase the collections. Vintage leather lounge seating takes center stage, while a prominent repair booth station faces the vintage cash wrap. Keeping in line with Nudie Jeans’ signature utilitarian, understated aesthetic, materials utilized are genuine, simple, and have aged with style. Flexibility has been created throughout the store by the use of pendant clothing racks suspended by leather straps, which can easily be moved into various configurations depending on the season and stories told.

“Germany has grown to be our biggest market internationally, and for a long time we have seen an increasing demand for a Nudie Jeans home on this market – the timing was absolutely right,” says Andreas Åhrman, International Sales & Marketing Director. Collaborating with Karl-Heinz Müller was an organic choice for the brand, given a long and trusty relationship between the two. Müller is a pioneer in retail with infinite knowledge in denim, running the highly successful 14 Oz. stores, the most important reference for Nudie Jeans. Müller was one of the first retailers to carry Nudie Jeans, has been an instrumental driving force in establishing the brand in Germany and other parts of Europe. The store opened its doors January 14, located at Münzstraße 21.

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