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Born out of this new collaboration between BLEU DE CHAUFFE and CYCLES ANGOT, the VELODROME bike is mixing the particular style of the first very specific racing bikes with a modern technology for an exclusive signature. Bikes used for track race are very bald and keep only the essential, in order to reduce their weight. We recreated the style and spirit of these competition bikes, adding modern techniques to ensure handiness, lightness and efficiency for more practical city rides.

VELODROME bike is well equipped with the best accessories on the market (saddle, front and rear brakes, mudguard) and its automatic and invisible gear change offers a great pedal flexibility with a sensation of great comfort. This bike is hand crafted. The baked enameled painting of the frame offers a brilliant finishing that will remain for many years. The choice of components of great quality allows a very reduced maintenance. As it is our wish, you can concentrate with the VELODROME on the pleasure of riding an original bike of a good quality and for a long time.

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