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May 4th, 2014 by retail design blog

Expedit was among the 2226 exhibitors from 57 countries at a record-breaking Euroshop trade fair in Dusseldorf in February. The trade fair is the world’s leading retail fair and was visited by 109,000 guests from most parts of the world. Euroshop exhibitors are all suppliers to the retail industry. You will see everything from electronics, lighting and refrigeration to fittings, design and marketing. It was therefore also the perfect setting for Expedit to meet new and existing customers and business partners.

The past was a great setting for the store of the future.
Our stand provocatively asserted that “It’s a Man’s World”. But we hasten to add the next line of James Brown’s lyrics: “But it wouldn’t be nothing without a woman or a girls.” We hope that everyone who visited our stand had a positive experience, regardless of gender.

The idea of the stand was to show that by displaying an interconnected world, you can adapt to a specific target group. The main concept was to create “the third place”, where the home and work are the first and second respectively. “The third place” is the place you go to relax, be inspired and socialise. If a shop does it, then it becomes a platform for promoting many different services to the same audience. A recipe for how to stage the future store so that it creates loyal customers and increased sales.

Another goal was to provide an update on what our customers can expect from Expedit today. If a shop can do it, then it becomes a platform that can offer many different services to the same audience. The theme of the stand itself was a 1920/30’s setting from the prohibition times in New York. As well as the chance to chat about business and new projects, the stand also provide different experiences. Such as wellness in the barbershop, or a whisky and cigar in the men’s room.

An important point for us was to show the many tangents the physical store can play with. That’s why we also invited a number of business partners, who via live demos and keynotes showed examples of:
• Targeted sound settings
• Permanent and campaign-based solutions within sound and fragrance marketing
• New electronic multichannel work tools
• Solutions for both effect and general lighting

“My experience was that our customers loved our theme, and that it was consistent all the way through.” says Expedit’s CEO Steen Bødtker, “and existing customers noticed our progression as a company. That we have gone from being a manufacturer to a total supplier of stores. We have not only put Expedit on the Norwegian map, presented Expedit to the entire market. So a 100% satisfactory result all in all. We are now looking forward to the further collaboration with new contacts and projects.”

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