Il Mercato del Pesce restaurant by Studio Isacco Brioschi, Milan – Italy

May 15th, 2014 by retail design blog

In a historic fish market in Milan has been created a restaurant, which offers its customers the particular possibility to buy fish but also to consume directly the ones exposed on the benches.
Following the global restructuring of the location, which specifically wanted to maintain its original identity, the request of the commissioner was to create a restaurant within the sale area.
The main idea was based on the conceptualization of a fish aquarium, therefore surfaces and furnishings have the aim to reveal an elegant underwater world in which prey and predator lose their identities, in a particular game of shapes and volumes, where fiction and parody coexist harmoniously.

A fascinating blue glass cube contains the restaurant, revealing inside the furniture and its refined and comfortable atmosphere. This was designed to accommodate guests, always inside the fish market, which has also been renovated with the will to keep the shades of white, blue lights have been installed, so to delicately paint the entire venue, with this only blue light, which intentionally disregards the easy and obvious expectations in the use of the colour.

From the inside of the restaurant, looking through the blue glass, the fish market takes the colors of the sea. All the elements present want to reppresent the underwater world, which includes the refined lamps, that are conceptual networks with crystals, which also have stylized fish, drawn by the studio and printed on wallpaper which was then applied on the walls. The furniture is made from simple wooden boards painted with a special ecological pearl paint, finished with a raw brushed paint to increase tactility. On the walls have been created out of scale writings, which mention in different languages what you can eat inside the restaurant.

The floor was made using a very tactile ceramic, a mud-rock shade, to the point that you could easily walk even with bare feet, so to remember the sandy surface of a beach gently shaped by the wind.

Design: Isacco Brioschi architettura & design
Building Management: Architetto Isacco Brioschi
Collaborators: Architetto Sergio Virdis; Designer Angelica Valencia
Photo: Elia Barbieri
Contract Society:

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