Enercon at Hannover Messe 2013 by Ache | Stallmeier, Hannover – Germany

May 31st, 2014 by retail design blog

With the new central stand at Hannover Messe 2013, Enercon introduces its new brand architecture corporate design for the coming five years. The German market leader for wind energy converters presents a brand-oriented concept with architectural focus. To counterbalance the exhibit, the projecting, inserted cube provides the required sense of suspense and high profile.

In keeping with the company philosophy and the context of regenerative energies, the concept emphasises sustainability and the conscious use of energy resources. The stand is fixed for five years. All materials and surfaces have been chosen on account of their reusability. The constructions have been laid out for further use, so that all components can be used again in the years to follow.

The turbine house of an E-115 wind energy converter is the heart of the stand. In keeping with the company‘s current corporate design, the new stand concept is meant to underline the high design standards of Enercon products. At the same time, the architecture of the stand provides a counterbalance to the monumental exhibit. Amorphous, rounded buildings and furniture establish a connection between exhibit and architecture. The visual appearance of the lamellae makes the structure of the concept dynamic. The inserted, projecting cube counterbalances the exhibit and produces the required sense of suspense and high profile.

During the „regular“ trade fair bustle the concept offers visitors a stand with clearly marked zones. The general communication and service zones are open to all visitors. The upper floor of the main building offers space for business talks in a quiet atmosphere – the visitors are at „eye level“ with the exhibit.

An open cinema zone with a large screen and a pedestal with seating is available for information about Enercon. On another pedestal, animated and precisely detailed product information is offered on touchscreen displays. During two days of the trade fair the cinema is turned into a lecture stage. To reach as many visitors as possible, all sightlines lead to the stage. Stage and lecturer are visible from most parts of the aisles.

Based on the central stand for Hannover Messe, a three-stage concept for all Enercon stands in the coming five years has been developed. This transfers all elements of design and architecture to smaller stands with platforms from 20 to 250 square metres. The construction of these stands has also been laid out according to the principles of sustainability and economic viability for the whole period. To enable the re-use of all elements, the modular stand concept provides identical construction elements for different construction heights and stand sizes, both for booths, walls and boards, and furniture.

Designed by Ache | Stallmeier
Realization by Ueberholz
Photography by Frank Dora

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