SiteGround office by Funkt, Sofia – Bulgaria

June 5th, 2014 by retail design blog

SiteGround is fast developing company in information technology sphere. Their wish to create a fun, personalized and motivating work environment leads them to turn to our team. The assigment is to design a great space where entertainment and relaxation are in balance with the workflow. The space combines around ten zones with different character- parlor, lounge, conference rooms, relaxation rooms, game spaces, workspaces, kitchen, cloackroom, manager offices, ect.

After exploring the way company’s employees use the office, we come to the idea of a fluid space. With just a few creative and repetitive figures and details in furniture, wallpapers, flooring and decoration is achieved a mastery over this huge area. The main theme of the project – origami passes from different colored paper models to visual illusions of embracing forms on the walls and floor, all custom made by Funkt’s project.

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