BARBARESCO trattoria by DOYLE COLLECTION, Aomori – Japan

June 9th, 2014 by retail design blog

“BARBARESCO” is a trattoria enjoying the assortment style of casual Italian dish and selected wine by the sommelier. It is basically arranged with color schemes emphasizing “exquisite restaurant” and stressing the designs of softness for casual usage.

We have spent an adequate time for the layout, and planned deliberately for the convenience and dramatic impact, one of which is, the entrance. A murky passage is secured by the flow plan reversing the escape route and the entrance originally set for this tenant. Moreover, the first place you step in is where wine cellar stands in rows, creating feeling of surprise as if entering from the back door. Also, one of the feature is that the chef’s and sommelier’s stages (kitchen and drink counter) have been separated to clearly emphasize the management style. The guests may choose the zone according to the number of people and usage. Furthermore, matching each zone with characteristic pendant light, will produce unique and dimensional effect.

The window shade gives the entire sense of unity to the main hall. This is a design with randomly piled up alphabets, “b.a.r.b.a.r.e.s.c.o”. This custom-designed window shade has functional design showing glimpses of restaurant and attracting people’s interests from outside, while obtaining sense of security inside, and free from glances outside. A lot of graphic patterns are used and the balance of figures and ground are examined carefully.

VIP room is designed with unified taste inside the restaurant, with gradually upgraded details to obtain feeling of high-quality-sense for the VIPs. The characteristic pendant light hung here is designed from the inspiration of wine’s raw material “grape”.

Designer: Aiji Inoue, Yoshito Nakahara / DOYLE COLLECTION co. ltd.
Photo credits: Satoru Umetsu/ Nacasa&Partners Inc.

Doyle Collection co. ltd. was established in 2011. (Head office Tokyo, Japan). Aiji Inoue is CEO of Doyle Collection. Engaged as Interior Architect for 11years at a Japanese famous design studio. Created many projects and received high evaluation in every project. Most significant features of his works are not just creating one scene but sequence. Just one year Doyle Collection has been expanding the market from Japan to Asia.

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