Lancaster ADÈLE window display at Rue Saint Honoré, Paris – France

June 19th, 2014 by retail design blog

This window display has been created to put forward our latest new line of handbags : ADÈLE. This range of products offers styles with clean lines and colorful tones, perfect for the girl on the go. The first idea was to envelop each bag as a piece of jewelry in a magnificent cocoon, surrounded by luxuriant vegetal elements. I also wanted to work on colors, which are very strong and part of the handbags identity: apricot, blue, fuchsia and blueberry. Each tear drops is covered with very delicates paper flowers and it seems like they are blooming all over the bags. I wanted the window display to be very feminine, precious and ethereal to reflect the simplicity and beauty of the bags.

The process to arrive to the final window has been quite long and intense in research, as this display is unique and the tear drop shape is technically complicated to produce. The drops furniture has been produced by an artist in France, specialized in resin and glass fiber. It has been a very precise handmade work, from the sculpture to the golden finishing touches. This technique was the only one matching the result I wanted, without using metal.

Regarding the flowers, they are all handmade too, by a very talented British free-lance, she is doing amazing work on paper. She spent more than 200 hours to make them all. We worked several months together in order to obtain this result. There are almost 300 flowers fixed in total, and they all are different ! I settled the window during 3 days, in fact, each flower has been attached through thin perforated holes.

Designed by Magali Doizelet / Lancaster
Drops furniture by Christophe Bigot
Paper flowers by Things by Laura

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