MISS SELFIE pop-up boutique for Colgate by Alan Khadikov

July 25th, 2014 by retail design blog

The most exciting annual summer event in Moscow is Picnic by Affiche. It is held in the open air gathering a huge number of visitors and companies from different fields of market. Picnic by Affiche works one day only as a collaborative project between artists, designers, brands and retail. All the best, the most, the highest are collected in one space as a promise to be on the shelves next year.

This time there was a task from the client to create an interaction between an internationally recognised brand Colgate and its audience – people taking care of their health in general and their teeth in particular. Colgete promotes Miss Selfie Contest all over the world so people go into self – photographing and win prizes.

Following the main goal we built so called Selfie Boutique in a manner of real tiny store where people could try on artificial flat dresses, hats, sunglasses ets. and take photos of their instantly refreshed look. So easy and entertaining at the same time!

Design by Alan Khadikov

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